Accra-based pharmacy donates 1,000 fabric masks in fight against Covid-19

Accra-based pharmacy donates 1,000 fabric masks in fight against Covid-19

As Covid-19 continues to spread and claim more lives across the globe, several organizations are taking it upon themselves to provide the less privileged in society with the tools to protect them and stop the spread of the virus.

 CureAid Pharmacy, located in Madina-Adenta municipality, has made available a thousand hand-made fabric masks free of charge for the less privileged within the Madina-Adenta environs.

CureAid Pharmacy donated the Masks to members of the community

The masks are make off 100% cotton and help reduce the spread of the virus since they act as barriers to droplet spread. The masks can also be hand washed, ironed and then reused.

Recipients of the masks were however advised that wearing masks is not a guarantee of not contracting the disease. Regular hand washing with soap and running water and keeping a social distance of 2 meters also help in limiting the spread.

CureAid Pharmacy is a member of the Community Pharmacists Practice Association (CPPA) and the campaign is part of its community Health leadership program aimed at improving and supporting the less privileged within the Adentan Municipal area.

According to Pharmacist Mrs. Lovia Nyarko, a call into the Pharmacy profession is a call to leadership and this is needed now more than ever.

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