A group of Legon girls say they have spread HIV to several students [Screenshots]

A group of Legon girls say they have spread HIV to several students [Screenshots]

The relationship between university students and promiscuous behavior is nothing new; and the University of Ghana, Legon is no stranger to it. Parents often complain about how their innocent children often begin engaging in promiscuous sexual behavior during their university years.

University of Legon students who have engaged in sexual behavior on campus may want to get themselves tested for HIV AIDS, as a group of girls who call themselves “Octet” say they have intentionally infected several guys with AIDS on campus.

The girls, who are fully aware of their HIV POSITIVE status said, in screenshots that theprimereport.com has acquired that they intentionally pass themselves off as cheap girls, so that guys can easily have sex with them.

One of the ladies who revealed the information, said they have already got several horny boys in their trap and continue spreading the disease:

If these girls’ revelations are true, then surely more innocent men (and women) have probably fallen victim to this, since the men who contract the disease will potential give it to other innocent girls.

From the second screenshot above, it can be seen that some of the boys who fell victim are now realizing what is happening and warning other to beware.

We will post updates on this story as it develops.

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