Special Lady Elizabeth Amoaa picks up 3 GOWA Award Nominations

Special Lady Elizabeth Amoaa picks up 3 GOWA Award Nominations

Truly your medical condition should never define you. Elizabeth Amoaa aka Speciallady did not allow her rare condition of Uterus Didelphys and other reproductive health issues stop her from becoming the Voice of the Voiceless.
Ghana Outstanding Women Awards (GOWA) has nominated Elizabeth for three different award categories: Outstanding Woman in Health, Outstanding Woman in Social Community and SHERO of the Year.
GOWA is an organisation that identifies and acknowledges women who contribute their quota to society and make a positive impact has recognised the extraordinary work of Elizabeth through her advocacy for female gynaecological health.
Elizabeth has generously donated medical supplies, educational materials, clothing and toys worth thousands of pounds since she established Speciallady Awareness in 2017. Speciallady Awareness educates, support and guide women on gynaecological conditions.
Indeed it is not the length of service that matters but rather the consistency and hardwork involved. This has been proven many times by Elizabeth through her work ethic.
She has visited several schools, communities and hospitals in Ghana to raise awareness on gynaecological conditions and menstrual hygiene.
In the UK, she has spoken at charity conferences, local churches, local communities and at the British Army Wives events etc.
Her story has been published in both national and international media platforms.
Upon receiving her nominations, Elizabeth updated her social media page ‘If I hadn’t been diagnosed with various Women Reproductive Health issues and undergone several surgeries and complications, I wouldn’t have become the Voice of the Voiceless…..

Elizabeth continues to strive to make a positive impact both in Ghana and internationally.
Congratulations Speciallady!

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